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Miami is considered one of the best cities to visit in the U.S. What better idea than getting to know this spot with your furry friend?

This tropical location offers the best of both worlds: numerous attractions and kilometers of white sand and turquoise water beaches, perfect to enjoy with your pet!

If you enjoy celebrating diversity through food, art, and entertainment, this is your place. Also, having the chance to enjoy their beaches all year round, this destination is a must-see.

Miami is filled with interesting spots and activities, from the American Airlines Arena to walking around the Art Deco District, wandering in the Fairchild’s Botanical Garden, or touring the famous Miracle Mile.

Miami - Boardingpet

With Boardingpet, you can visit Miami and other unique destinations with your four-legged friends. We take care of every detail, always putting your pet’s safety first.

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With Boardingpet you can know this destination with your best friends.

Leon - French Bulldog - Boardingpet

Branca Vizla - Dog - Boardingpet


Destiny: Miami

Torino y André - Dog - Boardingpet


Destiny: Miami

Madison y Bucky - Dog - Boardingpet


Destiny: Miami

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