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Lili - Cat - Boardingpet

Julian - Cats - Boardingpet

Noah & Kira - Cats - Boardingpet

Noah & Kira

Destiny: Madrid

Joaquín, Josefina, Gamora, Tarja and Pilar - Cats - Boardingpet

Joaquín, Josefina, Gamora, Tarja and Pilar

Destiny: Spain

Pulgas and Braille - Cats - Boardingpet

Pulgas and Braille

Destiny: North Carolina

Tiger - Bengala - Boardingpet

Martina and Ramona - Cats - Boardingpet

Martina and Ramona

Destiny: Paris

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Boardingpet is an Argentine-based company created by veterinarians who seek to deliver solutions to your pet's needs during trips.

We are professional veterinarians, and your pet is what matters the most to us.