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General characteristics of brachycephalic pets

The brachycephalic pets are those that have a skull with different characteristics from those of other breeds:short head and flattened face, soft palate and elongated, short nasal bones and nostrils often smaller than usual.

Which dog breeds suffer more from brachycephalic syndrome?

French Bulldog
BoardingPetEnglish Bulldog
BoardingPetBoston Terrier
BoardingPetShih Tzu

Which cat breeds suffer more from brachycephalic syndrome?

BoardingPetExotic Shorthair

What is brachycephalic syndrome?

This syndrome basically consists of abnormalities that, individually or together, cause obstruction of the upper respiratory tract. These abnormalities may be more or less present depending on the breed and anatomy of the animal.

So, brachycephalic pet breeds are important to note:

BoardingPetHis soft palate is thick and long in proportion.
BoardingPetStenotic nostrils.Their narrow and reduced nostrils.
BoardingPetTrachea with a smaller diameterthan usual.
BoardingPetEversion of the laryngeal saccules. The laryngeal saccules are small parts of the interior tissue of the larynx that protrude in front of the vocal cords and that, due to strong breathing and dragging, can make it difficult -every time more- the passage of air towards the trachea.
Braquicéfalos - BoardingPet
Braquicéfalos - BoardingPet

What are the symptoms of brachycephalic syndrome?

In addition to taking into account the increased propensity to suffer from heat stroke, any owner of a dog of the breeds mentioned aboveYou should pay attention to these symptoms.

BoardingPetDifficult breathingand/or noisy.
BoardingPetCough and sneezes.
BoardingPetDifficulty to swallow.
BoardingPetReflow and/or regurgitation of food.
BoardingPetExcessive production of foam or slime.
BoardingPetDifficulty to exercise, which manifests itself with tiredness.
BoardingPetGums blue (cyanosis), which can denote a lack of oxygen in the blood.
BoardingPetSnoring or wheezing, even when there is no physical activity.
BoardingPetSyncope or faintingassociated with physical exertion, episodes of coughing or excitement.

Brachycephalics and air travel

There are many questions about whether brachycephalic dogs can fly by plane. Although very popular and cute, dogs with these characteristics present potentially life-threatening health problems during air travel. For this reason, many airlines have restrictions on transporting them.

Here we are going to tell you why these breeds are more problematic to travel by plane.

Due to their physical characteristics and the respiratory problems they suffer from,brachycephalic dog breeds react poorly to stress and nervousness.

When traveling by plane,dogs become agitated, salivate and breathe badly due to nerves and fear. In the breeds brachycephalic,there is a risk that this nervousness will cause a respiratory collapse and then death. This is speaking whenever the pet travels in cellar.

Also during the flight there can be many temperature changes in the hold. These puppies are prone to heat stroke under these conditions.

For these reasons, BOARDINGPET offers the alternative for these breeds to travel in the aircraft cabin. Each case is particular and we always evaluate the possibilities. The good behavior of pets is essential for them to travel in the cabin.

Braquicéfalos - BoardingPet
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