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Our team of experts in animal wellness guarantees the safe transfer of your best friend each step of the way towards your destination.

How we work

Each pet is different, as well as the constantly evolving regulations for a safe relocation. We know that if your pet could choose, they would pick us.

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We’ll start by listening and learning

The first step is understanding your pet’s needs for a safe and comfortable transfer. Specific details are crucial to setting the right expectations. Information such as origin and final destination, desired moving date, and breed and age of the pet are essential. These details will allow us to let you know if it is possible to relocate your pet and, if so, how we will be doing it.

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Personalized relocation plan

Once all essential details have been discussed, we will begin exploring the best alternatives for you and your pet. Our team will take care of everything from route options to finding the correct transporter, and any challenges that might be faced. Based on updated information, we will provide an accurate budget.

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Let’s start booking

Once ready to proceed, we will immediately start taking action. From flight booking, organizing vet appointments, and filling in the necessary legal documents of the origin country – such as SENASA -. We will help you gather all the required information for a smooth experience. Each step prioritizes your pet’s safety which is why we work with reliable airlines and booking agents.

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We will guide you each step of the way

You would be surprised at the amount of paperwork involved in moving a pet! This is precisely why our experience and attention to detail become helpful. We work to manage all the necessary documents to transfer your pet successfully. To do so, we will work with you, your pet’s veterinarian, and involved authorities to complete all the required documentation such as health certification, custom documents, air guides, and import permits.

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We hold paws and hands during moving days

We will supervise your pet’s journey on your moving day to ensure everything goes as planned. We will provide tracking tools and gate-to-gate updates. If anything unexpected should happen, like a flight delay due to bad weather, our team will be there, ready to devise a contingency plan. We will ensure your pet is safe and comfortable while we work on implementing the new logistics.

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Are you moving again? We keep all records in one place!

We will save your pet’s registration documents if you plan on or need to move again. In some countries, we even offer additional services upon arrivals, such as checking-ins or quarantine reservations. Because we care to keep growing and learning, we also provide each client the opportunity to share their honest review once the journey has been completed (our CEO reads each response).

Boardingpet is an Argentine-based company created by veterinarians who seek to deliver solutions to your pet's needs during trips.

We are professional veterinarians, and your pet is what matters the most to us.


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