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Boardingpet was born from the need to help families and their pets to facilitate travel and reunite with them, simplifying pet movement processes and thinking of animal welfare as the premise.
Our motto is: “don’t worry, we take care of everything”.
Boardingpet works, since 2008, in the city of Acassuso, created exclusively by Veterinarians, in principle providing services to local and international companies and since 2017 expanding through social networks, providing our services to everyone.

Meet our team

Claudia Jachia Molinari - Boardingpet
Claudia Jachia Molinari

Sales consultant

“I started at Boardingpet as a carrier, taking pets both in the cabin and in holds to different parts of the world, I am passionate about animals, I have always had pets, dogs, cats, etc. I consider that pets are unconditional with humans, they don’t hold grudges and they perceive our moods, that’s why when they offered me to move other humans’ pets I found it fascinating because if customers trusted Boardingpet Pet it meant that the company cared so much pets like me and from that moment I identified myself with Boardingpet because without a doubt we thought the same. I have worked all my life in Human Resources and Boarding gave me the opportunity to work in Human Resources since for me clients are as important as their pets. Over time I began to work in the offices in the commercial area, I learned a wonderful job from my colleagues, I put into practice the experience of good interpersonal relationships that HR gave me and my passion for animals, without a doubt I am in the right place, I work with joy not only because it is a spectacular human group but also because I managed to merge my two passions, HR and the relationship between humans and their pets. There is nothing more rewarding than a pet being reunited with its owner or having the pet get to travel with them. It fills me with happiness to be the link of something as important as the love of a pet with its human.”

Ivana Perl Diamante - Boardingpet

Ivana Perl Diamante

Veterinario. Co-fundador

Ever since I was young, I have felt passionate about animals and immediately knew what I wanted to do growing up. Becoming a veterinarian was the best decision! I like being able to bring comfort to families and help them feel confident in their decision to choose us. Helping pets and their pets get to their destination comfortably is beyond rewarding.
Ivana is known for her efficiency and team-leading skills!
In 2014 she got her BA in Veterinary Sciences from the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). Throughout the years, she has focused on earning different pieces of training and specializations in Small Animal Clinic.
In her own words, she has ten animal hearts beating at home which have been accompanying her for several years.

Romina Brandan - Boardingpet
Romina Brandan

Sales consultant

“I have a degree in Tourism and Hospitality received from the University of Salvador. After 8 years working in the area and helping people fulfill their dream trips, Boardingpet gave me the opportunity to apply my knowledge by helping others who, for different reasons, must relocate to different countries around the world with their entire family, and needless to say with his pet.
I love animals, I always had all kinds of pets and I love working in a space where the main mission is to be able to help clients to be able to take their 4-legged family member with them.”

Lucia M. Sinopoli - Boardingpet

Lucia M. Sinopoli

Veterinarian. CEO and Co-founder

“Since I can remember, I like animals, I decided to become a vet at the age of 9. The first thing for me is animal welfare in all its aspects and accompanying each family in the process as challenging as traveling. ”
Lucia is characterized by being a person attentive to the needs of each pet and owner, internalized in each case as if it were their own. For many years she toured the world with her rottweilesr in international exhibitions, becoming a FCA judge of race. At the age of 26 he received a Veterinara from UBA.
Over the course of several years, he has undergone various training in leadership, personnel management and neuroscience.

Agustín Mattalia - Boardingpet

Agustín Mattalia

Logistics in Airports

“I consider myself a practical and dynamic person to resolve any type of situation. I love working with animals and making sure of their welfare. “
Agustín is one of our most trusted collaborators, with extensive experience in dealing with all types of pets, both in transfers and in airport assistance, knowing in detail the airport movement.

Pablo Tiola - Boardingpet
Pablo Tiola

Dog trainer

“Since the seventies I have been developing this fantastic activity. It is the one that allows modifying animal behavior. Based on authors such as: Konrad Lorenz, Wingred F. Hill, JDCarthy, Eric Fabricius and fundamental PSYCHOLOGY OF THE DOG by León F. Whitney DVM, they gave me the possibility of giving talks in different places, including the veterinary faculty of Rio de Janeiro .
At Boardingpet working towards behavior modification and pre-travel adaptation working with both pets and their owners. ”
Pablo is an extremely animal-loving person and extremely methodical when it comes to teaching and putting into practice what is necessary for pets on the road to arrive at that moment in the best way.

Diego Martín Schuartzman - Boardingpet

Diego Martín Schuartzman


“Knowing that I can help detect a health problem and working to prevent or manage critical illnesses for traveling pets makes me feel happy.”
Specialist in veterinary clinical cardiology – postgraduate instructor in a specialty course in cardiology FCV – UBA Anesthesiologist – plant doctor of the hospital school in Anesthesiology service – FCV UBA (2009 -2019).

Gabriela Bartha - Boardingpet
Gabriela Bartha


“I have always dedicated myself to the Visual Arts and my entry into Boardingpet opened a door to a world of unconditional feelings that I did not know, even having a four legs at home that I now understand better.”
Image and Sound Designer, mother of a pre-adolescent, is characterized by her commitment to teamwork to face the challenge of providing security and containment to clients and their pets.

Jesica Santos - Veterinarian - Boardingpet
Jesica Santos


Gastón Pereyra - Veterinarian - Boardingpet
Gaston Pereyra


Boardingpet is an Argentine-based company created by veterinarians who seek to deliver solutions to your pet's needs during trips.

We are professional veterinarians, and your pet is what matters the most to us.


Av. Libertador 15013, Acasusso
Email: info@boardingpet.com.ar
Phone: +54 9 11 3626-7560