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Non-traditional animals - Turtles

Turtles and Air Travel

Turtles are exotic pets that are found within the group of reptiles and stand out for being calm, silent animals with great longevity.

Turtles require expert care from a person who knows their requirements, such as their diet and specific space needs.

If you want to travel with your turtle, here are some of our recommendations:

BoardingPetFind out which airlines accept traveling with turtles, since there are few that allow them.

BoardingPet Check what the entry requirements are in the country you are traveling to.

BoardingPet Get a suitable carrier so that your turtle can travel securely and comfortably. Likewise, if it is an aquatic turtle, make sure you have a suitable, transportable fish tank.

At BOARDINGPET we are experts in moving unconventional animals, such as turtles. Send us your inquiry and we will advise you!

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