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Pet Registration with Microchip

It is a comprehensive identification system for pets and animals. We have a nationwide network to facilitate recovery in case of loss!

We use a harmless subcutaneous chip to electronically identify your pet, which is associated with our ID and tag with a QR code; All these elements link you to your pet and are registered forever in our database. So you can meet your pet again if someone reads the QR tag on the street with their smartphone or if a vet finds your little animal.

What it is happening in the world?
The identification of pets is already mandatory in Chile, Uruguay and in most of Europe.

How is the microchip

Our chip is ISO compatible certified by ICAR (International Committee for Animal Recording). ISO 11784 and 11785 standards.

It is a subcutaneous microchip made of a small bio-glass special glass capsule the thickness of a grain of rice, 2.12 mm in diameter by 12 mm in length. Inside there is a transponder that contains a unique and unrepeatable number worldwide that links you to your pet.
The microchip is passive, this means that it does not emit a signal inside the animal’s body or carry batteries for its operation.

It is implanted with a hypodermic needle and around it a protein layer is generated that prevents its displacement.

The code it contains cannot be altered and is used to identify our pets throughout their lives. It helps you find your pet, leave the country with it, register it in case of a legal requirement from your commune or municipality, give it a social work or any other use that you want to give it.

Servicio MicroChip - BoardingPet
Servicio MicroChip - BoardingPet
Contact with Boarding Pet

The Veterinarian will implant the chip
subcutaneous to your pet.

Data linking

The data of the owner + pet + veterinarians and petshops are linked.

Vinculación De Datos - BoardingPet
Generación del DNI - BoardingPet
ID Generation

The ID of your pet is generated, which proves your link with it..

QR code

You receive a tag with a QR that can be read from any smartphone.

Código QR - BoardingPet

BoardingPet is an Argentine company created by veterinarians to provide solutions to the needs of your Traveling Pet.

We are Veterinary professionals, so what matters most to us is Your Pet.