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Virtual or remote veterinary care

We verify the fit status of your pet.

Chip Pet Registry Service

Identification MicroChip application under ISO standards.

Who we are

BoardingPet is an Argentine company created by veterinarians to provide solutions to the needs of your Traveling Pet.

Our service is comprehensive and is designed for us to take care of everything, some of the many services we provide:


Sanitary control

Documentation procedures

Microchip application

Air shipping and relocation

Our Services

BonaPETit. Complete and balanced nutrition. Homemade food but with high standards of quality and hygiene, the food is gently cooked to preserve its nutritional value.

We are veterinary doctors and it is our passion to ensure that your pet has a long, healthy and active life.

Varied, fresh and high quality food
Each meal is 100% fit for human consume
No preservatives, dyes or artificial flavors
Vacuum frozen to maintain freshness
Formulated by our veterinary nutritionist
Complete and balanced for all stages of life
Personalized meal plans for your pet

It’s time to give them the best!

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International serology, according to the requirement of the destination, Import Permit, Permits in quarantine, Release service at destination.


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Sol Francard

We travel with 4 pets. Excellent everything! Carolina on the phone answering every question, they were super punctuated to meet at the office and airport and Agustin incredible the hand he gave us. They conveyed tranquility they took care of everything. I RECOMMEND HIRING ACCOMPANIMENT SERVICE UNTIL DISPATCH. THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING US TO FULFILL THIS DREAM!

Xa Vilanova

On August 2, I was able to travel to Madrid with my French bulldog thanks to Boarding Pet. Eternally grateful to Carolina and the entire team for making it possible! Fantastic treatment and attention from the beginning, they helped me in all the steps and offered me solutions to all my problems. A big hug!!

Elizabeth Aparicio

I traveled to Florianopolis on vacation throughout this January, with my beloved puppy Eros, a 9-year-old toy poodle, Lucia took care of all the necessary paperwork, everything went very well! We travel very calm.
I am very happy to be able to enjoy my vacation, for the first time, with my adorable doggy son!


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BoardingPet is an Argentine company created by veterinarians to provide solutions to the needs of your Traveling Pet.

We are Veterinary professionals, so what matters most to us is Your Pet.