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Cat Friendly

At Boardingpet we know how special our beloved kittens are; they are unique and with specific needs. That is why we have what they need to travel safely and in the best way. Providing solutions tailored to the needs of your kitten on the go. They have unique characteristics, which differentiate them from dogs, and when embarking on a trip they need care and specific treatment to avoid stress.

That is why it is essential that its approach be carried out by specialists.

Our professional team at Boardingpet is made up of Veterinarians specialized in feline medicine, and we have specially trained personnel for their management. We also have 5-star facilities for the exclusive use of felines, for their accommodation, in case they need pre-trip accommodation.

Our priority?

The welfare of your pet.
Pre-trip veterinary check - Boardingpet
Pre trip veterinary check

That you verify the fit status of your pet to travel


Comprehensive management before SENASA of the corresponding certification

Senasa - Boardingpet
Feline pensioner - Boardingpet

Feline pensioner service


Identification MicroChip application under ISO standards

MicroChip - Boardingpet

Feline pensioner service

Bubulina´s SPA

Attended by Alexis Jaliquias, veterinarian specialized in felines, in his place of residence, Bubulina’s Spa offers a space where cats can also have their vacations and not only be locked up until their family returns, enjoying the love and comfort that we offer you, plus some games for you to have fun.

Dr. Alexis Jaliquias
Vet – MN 8611 MP 11470

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Bubulina´s spa - Boardingpet
Adaptation - Boardingpet

Our pensioners are cared for individually according to their needs, prioritizing the arrival and the first moments so that they can quickly enjoy the place.


We offer a wide space where cats live without being locked in small cages and above all guaranteeing their safety.

Pensioner - Boardingpet
Adopt a cat - Boardingpet
Do you want to adopt?

Adopting a cat in a street situation is a great act of love.

Boardingpet is an Argentine-based company created by veterinarians who seek to deliver solutions to your pet's needs during trips.

We are professional veterinarians, and your pet is what matters the most to us.


Av. Libertador 15013, Acasusso
Email: info@boardingpet.com.ar
Phone: +54 9 11 3626-7560