Popular Pet-Friendly Activities

You always have a better time when you are accompanied by your pet! Their mere presence brings feelings of happiness and joy.


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Popular Pet-Friendly Activities 

The best time spent is when you’re by your pet’s side. They bring feelings of happiness and content, especially when you’re engaging in fun new activities together.

The best activities to do when traveling with your pet - Boardingpet

This becomes especially true when you’re traveling to new countries. There are many opportunities to discover the great outdoors and unique landscapes of each new country. However, you may not know where to start and even what general activities may be pet-friendly in the place you’re traveling to. Allow us to give you this guide to fun outdoor activities that’ll have your little furry one in awe of the world.

Hiking and Nature Trails: Immerse your four-legged friend in new undiscovered paths as you take them on a scenic walk across nature! Many countries have beautiful and unique landscapes that are perfect for bringing your pet along. There are numerous parks all over the world that allow pets to tag along if they’re on leashes, which allows you both to take in a breath of fresh air as you stroll along and get your daily steps in. Before heading on your walk, remember to always check the trail regulations to make sure that your little one is well-prepared and has the proper safety gear 

Pet-friendly Beaches: Soak up the sun as you head to the beach with your best friend! Many pets love going to the beach and playing around in the sand and water. Beach days are synonymous with both fun and relaxation! Watch as your furry friend splashes around in the ocean, chases a ball, or digs up the soft sand. Many beaches nowadays have special pet-friendly areas that are exclusive so they can play with no restrictions and meet up with other furry friends around and about. When visiting the beach, don’t forget to bring pet shoes for the hot sand, some towels and most importantly sunscreen (yes, pets can get sunburnt too). Remember to always keep the beach clean so that you’ll always be welcome, and make sure your pet doesn’t leave any surprises in the ocean or beach! Whether you’re in the Mediterranean or on the beautiful beaches in Bali, you both are bound to have the best time in the sun! 

Outdoor Cafes and Restaurants: You’re on vacation, forget the diet! Many cities all around the world offer relaxing and delicious options that welcome our four-legged furry friends. Take a stroll through the city and choose your favorite outdoor seating area where you and your pet can see the hustle and bustle of the city while enjoying a cup of coffee or light meal. Some places nowadays even offer doggie menus and water bowls so your little one can feel just as pampered as you! Let your little one relax and observe the people walking around the city you’re visiting, who knows maybe they’ll make new furry friend while you sip on a hot chocolate! 

Dog Parks and Playdates: Take your furry friend to a dog park or playdate at a local park! Here your pet can stretch their legs, socialize and burn off any extra energy. There are specially designated areas depending on the size of your pet and here they can run, play and sniff their hearts off. It’s a fantastic opportunity to socialize with them as well as keeping them mentally stimulated. As you watch your little one run around and have fun, you also can also make new friends with other pet owners and plan future playdates! Remember to bring treats and toys for good behavior.  

Pet-friendly Events and Festivals: When visiting a new place, you should always check the community events calendar to see if pet-friendly events are being offered. Events like pet expos, dog shows, and music festivals may be offered in the city you are visiting, and this gives an opportunity to check out the featured vendors that sell art, crafts and even pet goodies and services. It’s always fun to support local artists and keep a keepsake from the place you visited.  

Before engaging in any travel and activities with your pet, remember that to ensure their safety and happiness, they must be up to date with their vaccinations and well-trained. Always abide by any local rules when visiting a new environment and ensure that only positive experiences are enjoyed by everyone. Embrace new opportunities to spend quality time with your furry four-legged friend and cherish the memories of traveling together.  

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