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About us

Boardingpet is an Argentine company created by veterinarians specializing in animal welfare and experts in international pet transportation.

Our service is comprehensive and is designed so that we take care of everything, some of the many services we provide:

Comprehensive advice (Health requirements, suitable airlines, transfer form, carrier adaptation, and more).

Sanitary control in our office: Microchip placement, vaccination, pre-travel review, and expressly required studies.

Management of health documentation and special permits for non-traditional destinations.

Complete management with the chosen airline (does not include payment of fees and taxes).

Air shipment of the pet: The transfer can be with the client in the cabin or warehouse, by cargo, or by our agent.

Why choose us

Boardingpet was born from the need to help families and their pets to facilitate travel and reunite with them, simplifying pet movement processes and thinking of animal welfare as the premise.
Our motto is: “don’t worry, we take care of everything”.
Boardingpet works, since 2008, in the city of Acassuso, created exclusively by Veterinarians, in principle providing services to local and international companies and since 2017 expanding through social networks, providing our services to everyone
Revisación veterinaria pre viaje - Boardingpet
Pre Trip Veterinary Checkup

Make sure that your pet is fit for travel


Comprehensive agency before SENASA of the corresponding certification

Senasa - Boardingpet
Asesoramiento Transporte - Boardingpet

About transporting pets by air, land or river


Application of identification MicroChip under ISO standards

MicroChip - Boardingpet

Boardingpet is an Argentine-based company created by veterinarians who seek to deliver solutions to your pet's needs during trips.

We are professional veterinarians, and your pet is what matters the most to us.


Av. Libertador 15013, Acasusso
Email: info@boardingpet.com.ar
Phone: +54 9 11 3626-7560